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Food As Medicine

Create nutritious meals that work for your mind & body type.

10-Week Course


  • What is Ayurveda?
    Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine based in nature designed to relieve mind & body suffering. It looks at the mind & body as a garden rather than a machine. It utilizes diet & lifestyle to move away from disease and into a state of health & balance HOLISTICALLY: mentally, physically and spiritually. The word ‘Ayurveda’ is a Sanskrit term, best translated as: the knowledge of life. Hence, it teaches one to stay in balance for a lifetime once the root cause of disease is determined and pacified.
  • Where did Ayurveda come from?
    Ayurveda is said to come from divine knowledge. Divine knowledge has no beginning or end. Hence, Ayurveda is known to have no beginning nor end. Long long ago, the Vedas were created as an “internet of wisdom” to end human suffering. This Veda era is said to have begun around 40,000 years ago, but the Vedas cannot be limited to a historical time period as they are eternal truths. Ayurveda was created from the medical system of the Vedas (Artharva Veda). The Dharshanas were also created during the Vedic period. The Dharshanas are 6 “world views” designed to show people HOW TO STOP suffering. Yoga (philosophy) is one of the 6 and the cosmology of Ayurveda (Samkhya) is one of the 6. This is why Yoga & Ayurveda are considered to be sister sciences. Samkhya describes how consciousness descends into matter creating the 5 elements, our individual minds, and our individual bodies. Hence, NO ONE will benefit from a “one size fits all” treatment.
  • What is a Dosha?
    The word Dosha depends on the context it is used in, but for simplicity’s sake, think of it as your mind & body type. It is translated as “that which has fault.” So, it is our “fault line” or tendency towards disease. The doshas manage 2 elements at a time within the body & mind. Vata (air & ether) Pitta (fire & water) Kapha (earth & water) We have all 3 doshas within us. But they can go out of balance depending on your current diet, lifestyle, environment, or season.
  • How is Ayurveda different from what I have tried before?
    If you’re here, you have probably been told by many western medicine practitioners: “Your scans are clear, there’s nothing wrong with you, take a Xanax, that will be $700.” OR you went to naturopaths and/or functional medicine doctors who said “here is a list of $500 dollars’ worth of supplements you’ll need to buy each month, take 3x a day and don’t eat these foods because you are too sensitive to them.” OR you have been through both the western medicine and “more natural” medicine route and NOTHING has worked. And you have spent way too much money on scans, labs, tests, specialists, supplements, pills, potions and quick fixes that have gotten you nowhere. Here is why that didn’t work: “One size fits all” treatments don’t work because you are a multidimensional being. Early stages of diseases that you can feel & sense, are very real, and will not show up on scans & lab reports until they are a full blown chronic disease. Quick fixes such as supplements, pills & potions don’t work because they ONLY treat the symptoms, NOT the root cause of disease No relationship (other than a 15 minute interaction every 6 months) was created between you and your previous practitioner. A true deep relationship between you and your healer will foster true holistic healing. Supplements only, pills only, therapy only, diet only, yoga only, meditation only, exercise only, ARE NOT HOLISTIC. Hence, they will not produce true healing because you are multidimensional. Diet & lifestyle were not addressed as a means of healing. Ayurveda looks at your disease and healing in a much, much, much, much different way than what you have been exposed to. It’s holistic, non-invasive, natural and cares about you as a multidimensional spiritual being.
  • After everything I have been through, why should I believe that Ayurveda will work for my chronic fatigue, anxiety & depression?
    One of my favorite things about Ayurveda is that it changes our whole mental conditioning around the illness. It is the only medical system I have come across that allows you to take responsibility for your health. Just the simple mental switch from “I am a victim of chronic fatigue, anxiety & depression” to “I am taking my health into my own hands” will not only start the process of healing, it will start the process of EMPOWERMENT. We have lost touch with ourselves, our own power, our own limitless potential, our own sense of bliss, our mental clarity & calmness and THAT is the real problem NOT the disease itself. So, it will work simply because you’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. It’s time to do it right.
  • Will Ayurveda fix my GI issues too?
    100%. Ayurveda considers the digestive system to be the master system of the body. 80% of chronic disease is due to faulty digestion. Hence, fixing digestion is the starting point for all Ayurvedic treatments. Balanced digestion through proper diet & lifestyle is foundational. But I already eat really healthy and still have issues, what else is there to do? What’s conventionally considered “healthy” isn’t necessarily healthy for you. If your current diet is causing digestive or mental distress, that is a clear sign that what you are doing is NOT healthy for your dosha (mind & body type). So, it is best to figure out what dosha is throwing you off and have a customized diet and lifestyle practice that is able to pacify your imbalance.


This is an excellent course for:

  • Health, wellness, and science nerds

  • Health and wellness coaches looking to continue their education

  • Western medicine professionals looking to transition into the holistic health world

  • Anyone who is interested in learning more about Ayurveda and how it can help them personally and professionally

  • Anyone who is looking to improve the health of themselves, their family, prevent chronic disease and doesn’t know where to start

I like to keep it real.  

I don’t want any person in this course. I work with people I trust, vibe with and align with. Blame it on the empath in me, but energy is everything. This is why I conduct interviews for this course instead of having a ‘sign up right away’ button through this page. I am more interested in YOU than your payment. Energy is a big thing for me.

Hear From Our Kitchen Pharmacy Alumni

Amber KP Testimonial
Dorottya Kitchen Pharmacy
Dani Kitchen Pharmacy

For the natural health & science nerd ready to learn how to make medicine out of the contents sitting in their kitchen.

  • Do you believe that food, spices and herbs are healing but don’t know how to use them?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed with the natural/ holistic health world and don’t know where to start? Have you always been interested in Ayurveda and want to learn more?

  • Do you want to improve the health & vitality of yourself and your family?

  • Are you a holistic/ natural health professional looking to improve the outcomes of your clients or add to your practice?


You are not alone…

“The great thing about Ayurveda is that its treatments always yield side benefits, not side effects.”


– Shubhra Krishan

Herbal Treatment

So many of us would rather use natural methods over harmful chemicals to heal a variety of ailments.  But, we don’t know how…  


Since we don’t know how to use natural methods, we end up putting all the “healthy” things we know into a blender and call it a “health supplement infused elixir.” This does not take into consideration who the person is, what their imbalance is, what environment they live in, bad food combinations, the state of their digestion and the amount of toxic build up they have. And thus, something seemingly “healthy” becomes indigestible, rots within the body, and becomes toxic because it is too overly complicated.

Keep it simple.

"The Ayurvedic route to great health involves two simple steps:

Doing less, Being more.”


– Shubhra Krishan

Herbs and Spices

The body has the ability to heal itself if given the right raw materials.


It has been documented that the body has the ability to actually produce and synthesize vitamins and minerals WITHOUT the need for supplementation. In fact, several studies also show that the body absorbs natural forms of vitamins & minerals significantly BETTER than synthetic forms. Thus, there is no greater substitute than the natural intelligence of the human body when given the right raw materials.

Indian Spices

What are the right raw materials?

The food and spices

sitting in your kitchen.

 They not only make food tastier, they also make it more digestible, and if used correctly, they can be used as medicine. Who needs a $40 bottle of probiotics or $300 a month subscription of supplements when you can fix your issues with fennel or cinnamon?  


We know that food is medicine, we know that herbs and spices are medicine, we know that plants are medicine, we just don’t know what to do with it.

This is why I created the Ayurveda Kitchen Pharmacy Course which is the first of its kind, combining Ayurvedic alchemy with Ayurvedic cooking.  


Allow me to connect the dots for you – Ayurveda Kitchen Pharmacy .

Unlock the magic sitting in your kitchen.

Live 90 minute weekly
zoom classes

Engage in the course, ask  questions, and receive answers immediately.

community of like minded people

Connect with your peers that will accompany you during your kitchen pharmacy transformation.

Video recordings of each live zoom class 

Had to miss a class? Don't worry, catch the replay whenever and wherever you are.

course REference GUIDE

Printable content from each module to use as a lifetime reference, which includes dozens of recipes for medicinal spice mixtures, teas, elixirs and meals.

Certificate of completion

Become a kitchen pharmacist upon completion of the course!

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