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Ease digestive issues in only 3 days.

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What's Included

Pre-challenge consultation

with Ayurvedic Practitioner

Bridge Ochoa.


Access to 4 pre-recorded videos to deepen your knowledge on Ayurveda.


Step-by-step personalized guidance throughout your

3-day journey.

Post-challenge consultation with Bridge Ochoa.


How It Works

  • First, you will sign up for your pre-challenge consult call here.

  • After your call, you will be given access to 4 pre-recorded videos to gain more insight into Ayurveda.

  • At the end of watching your 2nd video, you will be given a choice between 2 paths.

  • Once you choose your path, you will be provided with recipes and instructions that go along with your path, as well as personalized instructions given to you during the pre-challenge call.

  • The base recipe for these 3 days is Kitchari, a classic Ayurvedic meal that is balancing for all body types.

  • Kitchari is typically used as an easy-to-digest meal during cleansing periods.

  • These 3 days act as a mini-reset of your digestive system and gentle cleanse.

  • What are we cleansing? Toxins are created in the digestive tract when food goes undigested and those toxins can spread into the deeper tissues creating disease. We feed the body this easy-to-digest meal to give the digestive system a break so the body can do what it does best - heal itself. 

  • After completing the 3-day challenge and watching all 4 videos, we will meet for a post-challenge consult call to discuss your experience, answer questions, and explore future 1:1 options that are necessary to discover your unique constitution.


ONLY $47