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A Simple Nutrition Course to Change Your Life

Are you tired of complex fad diets that confuse more than they help?
It’s time to simplify everything.

Come back to what really works.

Welcome to Food as Medicine, where you can discover the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda that has been proven for the past 5000 years.

A way of eating and living that allows your body to come back into balance so it can do what it does best: heal itself.

So you can focus on what truly matters: feeling great and living up to your full potential.

Self-Paced Learning, Online, Simple, One Stop Shop For Ayurvedic Nutrition.


“I didn't realize how much of an impact digestion makes on your overall health...I am having better digestion overall just from learning about the different food combinations. That's a huge difference for me.."


"The knowledge that I learned is incredibly powerful. It helps us understand and see ourselves in a more holistic way and see food as medicine."


“I can have a dinner party and eat a lot of food that I don't eat on a regular basis and I am okay. My stomach is definitely better, more settled, and more calm.”

Your Teachers, Eleni & Bridge:

The Results Are In...

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This program is:

  • One of a Kind: Like no other Ayurvedic course, we zero in on Ayurvedic nutrition and strengthening digestion so you can apply these teachings into your daily life.


  • Easy to Understand: We cut through the jargon. You don’t need a Ph.D. or to be an Ayurvedic expert to eat well; you just need the right info.

  • Focuses on Fundamentals: Like a house needs a strong foundation, your health needs simple, solid basics.

  • Practical and Doable: Simple steps that fit into your life, not take it over.


Module 1

The Set-Up 

Get to Know Your Body & Food:

Discover why an Ayurvedic way of eating is the end of fad diets, how to use food as first medicine, and lifestyle hacks for better digestion.

Module 2

Going Deeper

Gut Check:

Learn why your digestive system is the boss and how you can make it your bestie. We dive deep into different metabolic types, gut health, Ayurvedic nutrition, and the 6-tastes that make your food more digestible and enjoyable.

Module 3

Categories of Food

Mindful Munching:

Explore the magic of fruits, veggies, grains, beans, nuts, seeds, oils, dairy, animal proteins, spices, and sweeteners and how they make or break your digestion. 

Module 4

Putting it on the plate

Balanced Meals:

Learn the art and science behind Ayurvedic cooking and how to craft a delicious and gut friendly 6-taste bowl.

Watch These Videos to Learn More About Their Personal Journey

The Importance of Basics

While this program keeps things simple, don’t mistake basic for trivial. Understanding the basics of Ayurvedic principles and applying them can profoundly transform your health and wellness. We focus on the foundational aspects because they are often the most overlooked yet the most impactful. By mastering simple habits, you create a ripple effect that enhances all areas of your health.

Ready To End Your Relationship With Diet Culture?

Whether you’re tired of the same old meals or you just need a little nudge towards feeling awesome, this course is about getting back to basics, getting in-tune with your body, and making your food work for you, not against you.

Sign Up & Transform Your Eating Habits

Why Wait? Dive into the world of Ayurvedic eating and start feeling like a rockstar.

This Course is a self-paced one stop shop for Ayurvedic Nutrition Goodness consisting of pre-recorded videos all in one place for easy access. 

Bonuses! One year access to course content, ability to ask questions within the learning platform, suggested action steps to turn information into transformation, AND access to TWO caring instructors with a combined 25 years of experience who actually give a F about you and your lifelong well-being. 

Bridge Headshot.jpg


After working as an Occupational Therapist in various settings for 5 years, I quickly discovered some glaring pitfalls in Western Medicine.

I started reading about Ayurveda, tried it without knowing what I was doing, and after all of my physical, mental, and emotional issues stopped within 3 days, I was hooked. I left Western Medicine and solo traveled through South East Asia, Australia, Hawaii, while working in several spiritual kitchens, teaching yoga, dabbling in Ayurveda, and living on retreat centers.

Then, I met Eleni. I enrolled in her formal Ayurveda school, started my own practice, and Eleni and I have been inseparable ever since. 

At an over 90% success rate, I serve female business owners who's health has dwindled due to stress and poor food choices. We resolve hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, hair loss, and fatigue in a matter of weeks with the right food, lifestyle, and herbs appropriate for YOU. Some of my work has been featured in Yahoo News, MSN, Medium, The Everygirl, and 21Ninety. 

Let's naturally solve what you have been told only medication or surgery can fix! 


I believe that health is our natural state and that the body/mind is self healing.
All you need is to be reunited with your inner healer.

I am dedicated to sharing the principals of Ayurveda in a modern way. Im an educator at heart….I truly believe that this knowledge is powerful and life changing. Ayurveda is the ancient science that provides, a self help guide to your Health and Wellness.

Everything on this website, whether its instructional classes or 1:1 health coaching is designed as an immersive experience. Transforming the body and mind into an optimum environment for healing takes time and I believe that the secret to freedom lies in educating people. You have to shift your mindset from a fixed to a quantum view of healing, one where you play a direct role in your health. My hope is that you will resonate with this Universal Knowledge and find benefit from applying the principals into your life.


Pricing Available Now for $395

"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"🌟

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